Sunday, June 01, 2008


In the twenty-four hours just past, daughter Kari and I have posted on very similar subjects, one on the wedding and the other on the latest teen alcohol related death in our community. She probably has these same pictures on her camera and was planning to post them today, but I fixed her! Somehow when we were scrambling to pick up valuables during the rainstorm that dampened our supper with Mike and Kari's family and with Claudia and Bart's family, I got her camera, in addition to my own, in my purse for safe keeping. So I get to post the pictures!

Anna is helping herself to the fruit on this table laden with the leftovers from the wedding. This was the third meal from this supply, and I'm guessing this is what is on the table again today! It was very good, so to waste it would be sinful.
A beautiful hanging basket in the apple tree on the patio.
You can't really tell from this photo, but it was pouring rain at this time, however it didn't bother the balloon decorations one bit. And it didn't dampen any appetites, either. So, now that I put up a couple of pictures I should probably return Kari's camera to her. Maybe she'll offer me some left over fruit or wedding cake!


Lisa J said...

Oh you sly little devil you!!! Take the camera so you can get the keeping??? Good one. I have so enjoyed your postings on the wedding. It seems your family all had a good time, the food was great and I think one of the best parts is...your mom was there. That is great.

Lisa J said...

Oh, and I LOVE the hanging basket. It all just looks sooo beautiful. You had a great weekend huh? Isn't life grand!