Sunday, June 01, 2008


Can you handle two more pictures from the wedding? I just wanted you to see these pictures of Katie and my mom and Anna and my mom. My sister took these and I'm so glad she did. I wasn't in the area at the time, so didn't get the shots myself. Thanks Ruth!

We were so happy that mom made it to the wedding. She was awfully tired, but look how she puts on a big smile when she's posing with her great grand kids! My sister, Ruth, took mom back to her room right after the wedding, so she was only out and about for about an hour. We didn't expect that she'd make the reception, and were just glad that she was able to come to the wedding.


Russell said...

You mom looks great!! Really!! She also looks very happy and that is the best part!

My folks are both still living and, believe me, neither look nearly as good as your mom!! I am sure she gets tired quickly but she looks so happy in those pictures!

I am glad the wedding was so nice! It looks like everyone had a great time and that everything worked out great.

Take care.

Lisa J said...

Oh what a TREASURED picture. That one will be with those girls for the rest of their lives, Three cheers for Ruth!! And I can stand more than two more.

Linda B. said...

I am so happy you have those pictures..I didn't get to meet your mom. Sisters can be pretty smart people, huh? Your mom looks very happy and the girls will love having those pictures as they get older. What a nice surprise!

Linda up north said...

How wonderful! Congratulations on your new "grandson-in-law!"