Wednesday, August 01, 2007


These are some photos from day three at Peggy's Cove. Why one posted twice is beyond me!


Linda up north said...

Beautiful photographs!

Sage said...

Thanks, Linda! I have fun even though I'm always holding everyone else back because I have to stop for just one more! We have seen some incredible scenery this summer.

FAScinated said...

Hey Grandma!
This is a message from Anna. She is sick and she likes laying in bed and looking at all the pictures on your blog but she REALLY wants to see a picture of you and Grandpa! She misses you so much! ~Kari and Anna, with the barf bucket and sick pop.

Anonymous said...

I read your daughter's blog because I know her friend Claudia. Two of Claudia's kids and three/going on four of ours are from the same orphanage in Guatemala. She "introduced" me to Kari's blog. Kari "introduced" me to yours...though Kari doesn't know me. Just wanted to say that you have a wonderful eye for framing the subject in your photos. I'm addicted to taking photos myself, so I appreciate seeing the sites during your travels.
nancy from Iowa