Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Again it's been a week since we've had internet access. And we keep hauling around the huge satellite for internet connection in the RV, but it's not working. Hopefully when we get back in the states we can find the problem and get the cure and have the access we are paying for! In the mean time we have to try for campgrounds with wireless or go to the local library. Ernie claims it costs him too much to go to coffee shops. I don't understand that because one little Americano (okay, one extra large Americano with extra shots) doesn't cost that much!

So, here we are in Wolfville Nova Scotia, on the Minas Bay which is on the Bay of Fundy. I have lots of photos to share. I hope I'm not boring you with photos, but photography is kind of my passion, as you can probably tell. No training and just a digital camera, but I have a ball! So, here goes......

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