Sunday, August 05, 2007


Those of you who are old like me, or had old parents like me that played popular music for you, will remember the song that was popular in 1965, King of the Road by Roger Miller. In that song is the line, "destination Bangor, Maine" which Ernie first heard when he and his friend Don were on their way to Bangor, Maine, to Dow AFB, to find housing before I, and the babe in my belly, moved out there. That babe was Kari and the picture below is of the house we lived in when she was born and until she was six months old. We lived in the upstairs apartment and another Air
Force family lived in the downstairs. At that time there was a small porch or deck off the upstairs on the back of the house. That is gone, but the house looks better today than it did 40 years ago! It has new gray siding and the lawn and driveway are in much better shape. When Kari was about 6 months old we moved into base housing, and our oldest son, Kevin, was born while we lived there. We also drove through that area today, but did not stick around long enough to locate the building we lived in as the whole area is pretty much a slum now. The town has grown tremendously, and the base is closed down except for a National Guard Unit. And we saw absolutely nothing that we recognized as we drove around.


FAScinated said...

I am so glad that you completed your pilgrimage to my birthplace! ~Kari

Linda up north said...

Oh how great for you to go back to Kari's first house! I just love that song, too... I was 7 years old when it came out :)