Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Yesterday was the highlight, for me, of our stay in Boston. We went to the JFK Library located on the campus of U Mass. What a thrill to revisit events that I remember! I didn't know who John Kennedy was until the presidential campaign of 1960 when I was in high school. But I remember that well. We saw pictures, posters, films, and much memorabilia from that campaign. I remember the slogans "K...E...double N...E...D...Y spells Kennedy" and "Back Jack" and others also. I remember the old fashioned way of posting each state, the pictures of the candidates, and the hand counted number of votes below each one.

I remember his beautiful wife, and the splash she made in Washington with her eloquent speech, her society dinners, and her designer gowns.

I remember the anxious days of the Cuban missile crisis, the worried looks on the faces of the President and his brother, the Attorney General. Even their posture gives away the stress they were under. Ernie was a young troop, just in the Air Force, and he remembers watching the bombers take off with loaded weapons on them.

And I remember his interest in, and his work in the area of mental health.

I remember his Inaugural Address.
I, of course, remember his untimely death.
This water color picture of the White House in our country's early days was painted for President Kennedy by the First Lady. I think it is so beautiful.

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