Monday, August 27, 2007


As of this afternoon, we will be homeless for a day or two. We are taking the RV in to get a couple of repairs done, the truck is going in for a new turbo or whatever, and we will be homeless. We have rented a car and plan to head up north to the place where we bought the satellite dish for internet access to get it reprogrammed. We are actually going up there on faith, as we've not been able to get in touch with the guy who did the actual installation. Either he is really busy, or he doesn't want to deal with us, we don't know which. We will stay in a motel somewhere near the dealer and hope they will see us tomorrow morning. It's not like we haven't tried, as I think we've left 5 or 6 messages on their phone. So wish us luck!

One of the repairs to the RV is to have them peel back the covering on the underside and go in and tighten some of the bolts on the frame that must have worked loose. Do you think the past two summers of driving on two of the world's worst roads have anything to do with that? Last year it was the Alaskan Highway and this year it was the drive along the east shore of Nova Scotia that took a toll on the RV. The kitchen floor squeaks when we walk across it and it has become very irritating. It will be nice to have that repaired.

And the truck has lost power when pulling from a dead stop, so we've had to be very careful to not stop at a rest stop on a hill because we haven't had enough power to take off again. And heading out west to the mountains this fall will surely call for stops along the road for picture opportunities, so that has to be repaired. Thank goodness that both of these vehicles are under warranty!

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