Sunday, August 05, 2012


I have been having a really good time playing with my new toy.  Because of our upcoming trip to Alaska... no, that's a lie.  Because of our upcoming first great grandchild, I felt the need for a new camera.  I have loved my Panasonic Lumix, and we have seen many wonderful sights together, but I wanted something a little better.  One with lens options.  So, here it is.  My new toy.
It is small and compact, yet offers two different lens options.  So far about all I've done is sit on the patio and shoot pictures of my flowers and garden, but I like it.  In fact, I think I'm falling in love with it.
I've been shooting lots of flowers.
Lots of purple flowers.
Or lavender.
Or purple.
Did I say purple?

I am getting comfortable with the different feel of this camera, and have almost figured out how it works.  So now I need to try some pictures of people.  I think I'll call my daughter, who is the grandmother of the soon to arrive baby, and who incidentally bought a new camera yesterday, to see if she wants to go out and play with our new toys!

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Julie said...

Wonderful depth perception!