Sunday, August 19, 2012


Daughter Kari invited us to their home for a cook-out this noon.  She said their adult kids were going to be there, including their oldest, our granddaughter who will make us great on Wednesday.  She is miserable,
but I don't think she looks like she is ready to deliver a baby!
Kjirsten and her sister Katie are our two oldest granddaughters.  Love them dearly!
Their brother, Aaron, and his sweetie Callie, were also there.  Such nice kids!
Miss Anna has on her high heeled boots....she is 10.
Brother Adam hung out with us for most of the afternoon, too.  The other brother, Ben, successfully avoided grandma's camera for this day, but watch out buddy.....I'll get you yet!
Cousin Jacob came by after work, and his brother,
Caleb was also there.  They will both be back at college classes soon.
Son-in-law, Mike, grilled the most awesome kabobs.  They were perfect today.....thank you, Mike!
It must have been hard work because he fell asleep while we were visiting on the patio!
I snapped this on the way back home.  I thought it was a perfect Minnesota summer picture.  And with temperatures in the 70's, it was a perfect Minnesota summer afternoon with 8 of our 15 grandkids.  Now I miss the rest of them even more.  Love you all!

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Paula said...

Our lows aren't as low as your highs right now. I'm sure looking forward to some cooler nights next month!

Your drive to Alaska should be gorgeous at this time of year. Can't wait for pictures.