Tuesday, August 28, 2012

ALASKA 2012 - DAY 5

This was a long day.  Really long.  We drove only 476 miles, but it seemed like 876.  I am totally worn out.  Might be because I haven't slept well at all so far.  But then, what's new?  I never do.  So, I am going to put up some photos of the totally different types of scenery we saw today between Bellingham, WA and Prince George, BC, and not say much.  But I wanted to show you what I saw, and marveled at, and totally enjoyed today.
Leaving Bellingham, we drove through a quiet little agricultural community.  The sun was having a hard time shining through, but it was beautiful nonetheless. 

Soon we came to the Canadian border, and I am happy to report that I had my passport.  Thank goodness!

It remained cloudy and foggy

but still very beautiful.

Right after we hit Hwy 1, the sun came out and the scenery changed.

The mountains were not as rugged, and were covered in evergreen trees.

As the sky turned a beautiful blue, the hills became bare.

The shadows of the clouds, and the different colors of fields, made for a lovely picture.

There were a lot of grass lands, some cattle, hay fields, a few orchards, vegetable gardens, and even some corn.

And we arrived in Prince George in the rain.  The motel is fine....kind of a mom and pop, but fairly modern, and clean.  It has a microwave, so we made a carton of potato soup and added some cubed ham.  Now I am going to watch a little of the convention, check the weather channel for news on the hurricane, and then hit the sack.

Hope to come to you from Hyder, Alaska tomorrow night.  Sleep well.  I wish I would!


Norskeneil said...

Sleep well. Thanks for the journey!

theMom said...

Hope you slept better, Marge. After reading your descriptions and seeing the pictures, I gave in and had to do a google maps, and an geographical map and an Alaskan highway map, etc. I have never been north into BC, so wanted to use this opportunity to learn more about it. It's a good thing curiosity only kills cats and not people, too. :-) Blessings for a safe journey today.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I am love traveling along with you! I just wish I'd remember to read your blog every day! Dang old age.
Safe travels.