Monday, August 13, 2012


Six years ago today, we were returning from our first trip after our retirement.  We had invited two grandsons to go to Alaska with us, and from June to August we enjoyed the antics of an 11 and a 13 year old.  They fished, climbed rocks, fished, road the 4 wheeler, explored the forest, and oh, yes, they fished.  On the way home, on August 14, 2006, they had had enough of riding in the back seat of our big Ford pick-up.  They began complaining about their sore butts.  They carried on like you would not believe.  Finally, to silence their complaints, I told them I would buy them each a pillow to sit on if we found a Wal-Mart.  At that moment, the great Wal-Mart search began, and wouldn't you know, they soon found one.  So I had to keep my promise.  As we walked down the aisles in the store, I pointed out a nice big furry pillow.  Nope.  I showed them a solid colored soft pillow.  Nope.  I even showed them a manly striped pillow.  Nope.  And then they spied what they wanted!

The 11 year old, Adam, picked a purple pillow that says Drama Queen.  The 13 year old, Caleb, chose a pink number that says Princess. 

Okay boys, as now 17 and 19 year old young men, do you still sleep with those pillows?


DynamicDuo said...

Marge you are a woman of my heart! I love it!
I have met both your grandson's at 17 and 19 and I so know they still have their pillows.... ;0)
They are such good kids tho' just wanted Grama and Grandpa to take notice I guess, with your quilting expertise I bet you could do a good remake of each one for christmas...... just thinking ahead! I am so jealous of your trip to Alaska! if you find your 150lbs over your weight limit, just hand me a bagel and cup of coffee, I won't say a word.....

Paula said...

That is absolutely hysterical! Love it.