Saturday, August 11, 2012


Yes, fifty.  FIFTY!  This morning it was fifty degrees.  I love fifty degrees.  Fifty degrees is about the perfect temperature.  Fifty is right in the middle of zero which is too cold, and one hundred which is too hot.  Fifty is perfect.

And fifty (well, it will warm up but I like the sound of fifty) degrees will make processing these babies a little cooler.  I have been freezing things because I have no place to store canned produce.  Our house is built on a cement slab, it's a patio home, with no basement.  I have a small kitchen, no pantry.  So finding storage for canned goods would be rough, hence the freezing instead of canning.  But son in Alaska wants some tomatoes, and frozen tomatoes would not be frozen anymore after ten days on the road, so I am going to can some to bring up to Chris and Amy.  The exciting thing is that he is going to trade me canned tomatoes for canned smoked salmon.  Now who do you think is the winner here?
I have been busy recently.  The photo below was taken last week, and I've processed food every day since, so believe me, it's fuller!  Winter should be filled with good soups, stews, and sauces made from the goodies found inside this freezer.
I have begun gathering things for our long road trip.  The food box is filling up with necessities:  gluten free oatmeal, rice, almonds, coffee beans, french press, cast iron skillet, etc.  We plan to cook our meals instead of eating out, so we are taking most things along and will supplement by purchasing fresh fruits and veggies and meat along the road.  

The great grand is scheduled for the 22nd.  Can't wait.  The only problem is that it's going to be very difficult to meet her and then leave her when we take off.  Thank goodness daughter Kari, the grandmother, bought a new camera, and I can expect pictures daily until we return and I can take my own.

And now I am going to take my coffee out to the patio and enjoy the current 54 degrees.


Jeanne said...

50 sounds awesome! We won't be seeing that til about October probably. My daughter in K.C. said they had a cool down finally with a high of 84 yesterday. She was very happy about that after the unusually hot summer they have had.

Denise said...

Your freezer is gorgeous! Hmm...canned tomatoes or canned salmon? You're definitely making out on that one! I would love a 50 degree morning. We hit 60 degrees one morning last week, so I'll take that, but I'd prefer 50.