Sunday, July 04, 2010


We had a garbage can dinner last week when my sisters and brother-in-law came to camp to visit us.  This meal is Ike's signature meal, and everyone overeats every time he fixes it!  What you see here is only half of the meal.  He puts corn on the bottom, and then whole potatoes and onions.  He adds carrots and often green beans, then tops it off with ring sausage.  Cook over the fire for an hour or so and serve to the ohs and ahs of all the dinner guests.  Oh, and serve the left overs cut up and fried in a big cast iron skillet in the morning for breakfast!  Ummmm, good!

So then the next night we fixed this meal.  Pork tenderloin chops, asparagus, potato slices, and carrots in the foil package.  Another ummmm good!

Now the light has gone away
Father, listen while I pray,
Asking Thee to watch and keep
And to send me quiet sleep.

Jesus, Savior, wash away
All that has been wrong today.
Help me ev'ry day to be
Good and gentle, more like Thee.

Let my near and dear ones be
Always near and dear to Thee.
O bring me and all I love
To Thy happy home above.

ELH 570 1-3


Jeanne said...

Looks like you are having a great time being park host. And doesn't everything taste and smell better at the campground!

Marge said...

Oh yes, it does, Jeanne! We went to our job hoping to drop a few pounds because we couldn't just run to the store every other day. However, we've had so many special meals that I don't dare get on the scale!

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness. that does look wonderfully delicious. Your other comments are not showing up for me to read, what's up with that do you know?
Love the sun set.