Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Monday evening we headed out to attend a major league great sporting event.  You know, the famous 10 year old going into fifth grade baseball league was having a game!  An out of town game at that!  So we braved the coming storm, and

drove the few miles to the stadium ball diamond to watch grandson Nicolas play.  First of all, he really looks cute in his baseball uniform!  And secondly, he did a great job!  Here he is, getting a nice hit,

and here he is, scoring a few minutes later.  After about four innings the skies opened up and the rain dumped on us, and they called the game.

Nicolas has another game tonight.  Storms are expected.  We'll see if we can make this one, too. 


Jeanne said...

He does look cute - just like a major leaguer!

Lisa said...

You are so blessed to be able to go and attend these events. Soon our little grandchildren will be gone headed back to Virginia and we will not be able to watch their "games" of any kind. Sorry the game was cut short by the storm and you all have certainly had your share of the bad weather. Be careful, and eat some peanuts and cracker jacks for me!