Friday, July 02, 2010


I have been trying for the last fifteen minutes to post a couple of pictures of our recent campfire feasts, but the connection is too weak to do so.  I'll just have to put them up next week when we're home for a few days.

We had three days of absolutely wonderful weather, sunny cloudless skies, a slight breeze and temperatures in the 70's.  Now that's what I call a beautiful summer day!  Yesterday was nice, but a bit on the warm side, and today is hot and humid again.  And guess what!  We're going to get storms again!  Sounds like tomorrow and the Fourth will be a bit soggy, possibly clearing late in the afternoon of the Fourth.

We had company this week for the gorgeous weather.  My middle sister Ruth and her husband Ike and my youngest sister Lois were here for four days.   Seems all we did was eat.  Or plan what we were going to eat next.  We did a little sightseeing in the area, but for the most part we sat and visited around the fire, or hiked the trails here in the park.  We had a good time, and I'm so glad they came up!

Monday we will pack up and head home for the week.  Ernie has to get the air conditioner fixed.  Yes, we could have used it today!  Then next weekend I am going to Brookings, South Dakota with my siblings and a couple of spouses to an Art Festival.  Ernie isn't into art and culture too much.  He gets his culture from Ice Road Truckers or The Deadliest Catch!  I'm looking forward to the trip and to spending the weekend with my siblings.  Then the next Monday we will head back up here for the rest of the month of July.  We've grown to love this little park and are looking forward to the second half of our summer job!


Joni said...

I love stories and conversations that take place around a campfire. Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself - in spite of the soggy-to-be weather. Looking forward to your pictures!

Lena . . . said...

You make me chuckle - especially about where Ernie gets his culture. Ole gets his from Orange County Choppers and Pawn Stars. What a pair. The weather has been absolutely unbearable - way too much heat and humidity. I've been hibernating indoors in the AC. Have a fun week next week, okay?

Linda up north said...

well I am not having much more luck uploading pictures to blogger and I have a good internet connection... It just takes forever and then sometimes does not upload at any rate... sigh...
Have a wonderful 4th :) I will understand if you do not post pictures!