Thursday, July 29, 2010


I know one thing for sure.  I will be glad to go home in two days for at least one reason.........I should be able to connect with Blogger easier!  I can usually get to my dashboard, and sometimes even to a new post, but more often than not I can go no further.  I can try for fifteen to twenty minutes to upload ONE picture, and it doesn't load.  I often can't get anything to publish, so I hit cancel.  The cell phone signal just isn't that strong so I get nowhere.  In fact, I see that this post is also in danger of not publishing as I've lost the signal.

Oh, now it's back.  Anyhow, we are only here for two more days.  We leave for home on Sunday morning.  It's been fun and we will be back next year if they'll have us.

I will miss the Fabric Warehouse, but I will probably save a lot of money!  I actually had to make one last trip there today.  And I picked out eight nice soft pink, aqua, cream and soft brown fabrics for a  quilt.  I took pictures and tried to post one, but after twenty minutes I gave up.  I can post a photo when I get home.

I'll miss our little park.  And the birds.  And the trees.  And the silence.  And.......oh, maybe I should stay!

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Lisa said...

I am EXHAUSTED.....I will try to post a blog post in the next week or so. I am glad you are headed home and hope that maybe we can talk on the phone when things settle down just a bit. Be safe!