Monday, July 12, 2010



We've been busy this week we were home from the campground, and now our time here is coming to an end and we're ready to head back to camp.  Ernie and a young mechanic are installing the new air conditioner as we speak.  Yes, new.  The old one was not reparable so we had to spring for a new one.  Didn't really plan on spending that kind of money, but what ya gonna do?  Can't take 90 degrees and high humidity in a small trailer so we really had no choice.  I'm sure we'll appreciate it the next time the temps soar.

On Thursday we ran out to a nearby lake where Ernie's brother and sister-in-law have a small cabin.  Neil took us for a boat ride on the quiet lake, and then he had to take a few casts before we went out to dinner 
 at a nearby restaurant.  We enjoyed our visit and hope to get out there again this summer.
On Friday morning my sister picked me up, we then picked up another sister, and we headed off for our weekend in Brookings at the art festival.  We met the other sister and her husband, and our brother and his wife there, and we had a very nice weekend.  See all those white tents in the background?  There were over two hundred vendors in those tents, selling jewelry, paintings, photography, pottery, wooden items, metal items, and other art objects.
This was the food area.  We had tacos in a bag, egg and sausage wraps, kettle popcorn, mocha smoothies, strawberry smoothies, lemonade, donuts, etc.
These two little sweeties were walking in front of us when we left yesterday morning,  I got a kick out of their hats!
We stopped at a beautiful flower garden on Saturday night.  The skies were turning pretty dark as there was a hefty thunderstorm on the way, so the lighting was bad, but I had to snap these gorgeous lilies.  Aren't they lovely?
This teeny tiny cottage was just as cute as it could be.  I could see it sitting in a huge yard of flowers, and being used as a fun little hideout furnished with a couple of comfy chairs and bookshelves and a coffee pot and some lovely china cups!  Or it could be my quilting room!  It would not be appropriate as a hunting shack or an ice fishing house which I'm guessing my hubby would have suggested had he been with us!


Lisa said...

Oh no, the last picture would NOT be appropriate for a hunting shack!! Way too cute for that. I just love that you take such nice pictures to share with us on your journies. I am so jealous and so happy for you. Miss you.

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE this cottage, and your suggestions are great! Don't grown ups need a playhouse too?
(haven't checked your blog in months)