Monday, June 21, 2010


What's with the pictures on that last post?  They are all distorted!  They've been narrowed or something strange.  Let's try again.  The following are sunsets on two different evenings.  On Saturday night we went for a walk out to the point to watch the sunset.  The lake was like glass, a pair of loons were calling, and the girls were having fun in the trees and grass.  We don't know these people, but see how quiet the lake was, and how silently they dipped their paddles and skimmed along the water?

Miss Madison was posing for me.  I thought this one was pretty cute, don't you think?
And this is what we walked out to this point to see! 
Then last night, after the kids had gone back home, I went for a walk down to the dock.  The sky was very different from the night before, but still pretty.

I guess those two are pretty similar.......sorry about that.  I could remove it but I'll just leave it as is.
I think that little spot of gold in the middle is a little teaser of how beautiful heaven will be!
And thus the weekend came to a peaceful end.  At least it was peaceful until I got back to the trailer and someone was snoring like you wouldn't believe!  The campground was full this weekend again, and next weekend is looking the same.  Ernie has been working pretty hard, so I guess he has earned the right to snore.   Besides, I wear ear plugs at night!  Snore away honey!

Ear plugs didn't keep me from waking during the night as a big thunder and lightning storm rumbled on through.  The lightning was so continuous that I thought there was a car in our driveway with his lights pointing right in the trailer window.  And today is cloudy and drizzly.  Just what we wanted.  More rain.


Lena . . . said...

How beautiful and relaxing.

Lisa said...

Oh my beautiful. I so wish I was there with you. I wish Scott and the puppies and I could all be up there watching that beautiful sunset with you. But I am sorry about all the rain you all are getting. How much longer till you come back "home"? Take care and keep those awesome, peaceful, tranquil pictures coming. It is nearly 100 degrees here and mis-re-able!!!!