Wednesday, June 02, 2010


We have some new friends that have started to visit us, many times a day.  They dive bomb in towards the feeder, sometimes stopping to sit on the perch, sometime just eating while still in flight, their teeny tiny wings beating thousands of times a minute, making a roar much louder than you would expect from a thumb sized bird.
Two at a time is becoming common, with a third one joining them a couple of times this afternoon.
My best spot was standing on top of the picnic table, camera pointed at the red feeder, and waiting for the precious little guys to appear.  It really didn't take too long before this little fellow appeared.  Don't you love hummingbirds?


Jeanne said...

Great pictures! I do love hummingbirds. We don't see many here until August when they start heading back south.

Lisa said...

Yes, I love them too, and i love that you were able to get good pictures of them. that is not that common that you get that good of a picture...good job!

Lena . . . said...

Your pictures are great. I've got a pair of hummers that come morning and evening to my orchid cactus that drips honeydew. It's so fun to watch them. Sounds like you're enjoying yourself.