Monday, June 21, 2010


Okay all my dear peeps.  I made a special trip, of over 20 miles, to the closest large town where I knew I would find a nice strong signal at a coffee shop.  And here I am!  Planning to bore you with lots of photos!  So we might as well get started!

This is the teeny tiniest frog or toad that I have ever seen!  The girls found him and put him in a water bottle cap to show you how small he is! 
This is sweet Madison, the butterfly, snacking on some watermelon before sitting down to a dinner of meat, her favorite food in the world.  Meat.  Hot dogs, chicken, summer sausage, bacon, whatever......she loves meat!
 Jaden looking at the little rocks and shells along the lake shore................
 and a few feet away, unaware of her sister's pose, is Madison!
 Sweet Jaden, the snake whisperer.
 Heading out into the lake.................
swimming back to shore, and Madison's glasses are still on!


Linda B said...

So beautiful!!! I know I asked this before, but can't find it in your archives...what kind of camera did you get? I do know you make the pictures so lovely-not the camera! You have talent!!

Lisa said...

I was so enjoying this posting till you got to the snake picture. I nearly jumped for real. I am not a snake person. Looks as if you really had a good time with the family.