Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Please meet another of our new friends, Tillie.  Now Tillie is very shy and she didn't want to stick her head out too far.  Besides she was pretty busy.  After she had dug a deep hole, she was laboring to drop her eggs into the hole.  She then covered the eggs up with the dirt and left, trusting that in a few weeks her babies would hatch and find their way down to the lake where she lives.
However, this won't be happening.  Tillie won't be meeting her babies.  You see, where her eggs used to be, all buried beneath the dirt, there is nothing but a hole with some scraps of white rubbery shells.  Either a raccoon or a skunk found the nest and had a tasty snack.  We actually know of at least seven spots where turtles laid their eggs this past weekend, and we have found that five of them are now dug up and empty.  Isn't that sad?  Those aren't very good odds of survival, are they?
But I guess that is nature and how it works.  I haven't heard of a shortage of snapping turtles, so I don't think this is unusual, but it does seem sad.  Poor Tillie!


Lena . . . said...

They really are prehistoric looking, aren't they? It is sad that some of the eggs get destroyed, but just think what it would be like if EVERY egg hatched? We'd be run over by the race of the baby turtles headed for water! I just found several nests in my flower beds yesterday. That must have been easy digging for mom.

Russell said...

Enjoying your recent posts. We have snapping turtles in Iowa, but I really do not see them often. They are down by the creeks and lakes. I had one in my yard one day as I live near a nature preserve wetland area -- so I just returned him to that area and have not seen him since.

Your images of the hummingbirds are incredible! You must have a great camera to get photos of these birds like this! They are so clear.

Take care.

Memaw's memories said...

You guys are getting to vacation and get paid? I can't believe anyone could be so lucky. I hope you have a wonderful month.

Your pictures are fantastic. Love the hummers. And stay away from Tillie. She won't turn loose til it thunders.

Lisa said...

well I have to tell you...that is ONE UGLE turtle. Nature does tend to do its job, but it is still disturbing to know that something is coming in and digging up the eggs. I guess the other critters wanted an omlet or something. I am so happy for you to be doing your job and enjoying it so much. Sure wish we were doing something like that.