Friday, June 25, 2010


Tuesday night was all about the pink and blue sunset, or as my grandpa used to say "sky blue pink."  Funny how the clouds and atmosphere make the difference from gold, to silver, to pink and blue.  I love sunsets, in case  you didn't notice!

Now today the skies are gray.  And dripping.  Actually, this first band is only thunder showers, nothing severe.  However, tonight we are under warnings for possible storms again.  I get nervous when we have these alerts because a trailer is not the place you want to be during severe weather.

Looks like we'll be full at the campground again this weekend, then on Monday two of my sisters and a brother-in-law will be coming for three days or so. And my brother and his wife plan to come over too.   Looking forward to having company.  Actually I'm probably looking forward to the garbage can supper  that brother-in-law Ike will be making for us!

The rain and thunder continue so I will sign off for now. 

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