Friday, April 02, 2010


I want you to meet my big brother.  What?  I don't have a big brother?   You say my brother is my little brother?  Well, actually, he is pretty tall!  But I mean my BIG BROTHER!  Here he is!  He loves me so much he will always be by my side.
My BIG BROTHER likes to sew and quilt.
And he moved into my sewing room today.
I would like you to meet my BIG BROTHER!

He does over 300 fancy things,  I think he'll be a hard worker and help me a lot.
Oh, I hope Little Jan isn't jealous!  Here, I'll introduce them!  Little Jan, meet
And BIG BROTHER, here is your roommate........
Little Jan!  Please be kind to each other!
And I hope you will live happily ever after!
Good bye.  Time to go play!


Linda B said...

Whoa! You can start a business now! I can't wait to see what goodies you come up with!

Linda up north said...

Oh my... that does look like fun. It almost inspires me to cultivate some talent in that area ;)

Lisa said...

Wow, big brother is indeed BIG. I have lots going on here, we need to talk again. I have tried to blogg two different times, spent an HOUR posting pictures...and it failed to take it. It errored out both times. I invested over two hours on those posting and got nothing! Very frustrated. Sure you don't want to get on facebook?