Thursday, April 16, 2009


Tuesday afternoon we headed out to the State Park in our area. We've spent many, many nights out here and really love this park. There is a great hiking trail that leads from the camping area along the edge of the bluff that overlooks the river, across the prairie to a hill where there is an old mill that is prominent in this area's history, and back across the prairie to the woods and the river bluffs again. We have hiked many, many miles in this park. There were no other campers there. We did see a couple of cars drive through, and a couple of women walked through the campground yesterday morning, and a couple occupied the camper cabin on Tuesday night, but otherwise we were the only people there.
See our truck and camper through the trees below? Pretty alone, uh?

And quiet enough for Ernie to take his first nap of the season in front of the campfire.

The trees and shrubs are ready to burst into leaf. I love watching the buds swell and break open and unfurl into shiny new green leaves! And I swear you could almost watch them doing just that on Tuesday afternoon in the 65 degree sunlight. What a beautiful day it was!

I walked around the loop enjoying the birds and sunshine. The robins were very at ease, and posed for photos.

But the cardinals and the
blue jays were still very skittish and stayed pretty much hidden. The sunlight shining on the red cardinal shows him much clearer than the jay who is hidden in the shadows. But you can see the head plume clearly shows it's a jay.
My friend Judy came out to join us for dinner. We had the third run of the Easter dinner and finished it off. Leftovers never tasted so good as they did around the picnic table in our private state park! As the sun was setting Judy had to leave but we sure enjoyed having her out to help us try out the new trailer. We found the trailer to be exactly what we wanted. It seems like it's a perfect fit for us and we are anxious to try it on a longer trip, out on the highway. So, Ernie has a plan. He's suggesting that we should take off next week for four days or so and maybe head southwest to Omaha Nebraska and the campground at Offutt AFB. If we do so, I want to stop in northwestern Iowa to visit my dad's siblings that still live there. So, we'll see what goes on this weekend, and if we think we can get away for a few days next week. Would be fun to take it on a longer trip to make sure our ideas and plans will work.


Just Joni said...

You sure do make me look forward to retirement! Just look at all the nature walks and napping...Nebraska sounds fun, keep us posted! Lucky dog.

Lisa said...

Yeah!!!! So happy that it worked out for you. Perfect fit! I love that it is just what you needed. Congrats. Now we need one that we can fit in and bring the dogs! If you find one let me know!

GreenishLady said...

Marge, I came on over here from a comment you left at Robbin's blog. I too lost my Mom (at age 85) last July, so I wanted to meet you, to somehow connect. I've loved going over some of your older posts - that beautiful post you had written in the days before her death. It was so lovely to see the photos of her at your grand-daughter's wedding, too. You have a lovely family, and it's been a pleasure meeting them here. ... I also really enjoyed your autumn camping trip's photos. Lovely! I'm sure I'll be back again!

Russell said...

Sounds and looks like you are living the good life!! Good for you!

Certainly looks peaceful in those woods and that campfire looks wonderful!

Take care.