Friday, April 24, 2009


We have returned from our short trip to Omaha, safe and sound and tired. Just in time for the weather to change. There is a front coming in, and the temps of yesterday of 84 will be reversed by tomorrow the 5 o'clock news said. 48? You gotta be kidding me! YUK!

We had mail for five days piled up so I began to look through it and noticed a couple of exciting envelopes. But I opened the other things first. I always save the best until last just like I do with a meal. Eat the least favorite first, then eat the food I like the most! But I digress. I opened what looked like an advertisement and found a coupon for five dollars off on a pair of shoes from a local shoe chain store where I had bought one pair of shoes and signed up for their rewards program. The year is up and my one pair of shoes earned me five bucks. If I buy another pair. Then I spied an envelope from the periodontist that I had seen for my tooth problem last year. I over paid. They sent me a refund. Two bucks. Well, at least this is real money. I don't have to go back and buy another tooth treatment to get this!

Woohoo! An envelope from the restaurant where I and six others of my family had eaten last week and were treated like crap. Enough said about that experience. But, I received seven gift cards worth ten bucks each, one for each of us! YAY! Then hubby reported that he had also written them, except to the regional office, and he received a gift card worth twenty-five bucks for the two of us to dine. YAY!

AND. Social Security sent me a notice that my stimulus or reinvestment money, or whatever they call it, will arrive at the end of May. And that's two hundred and fifty dollars.

A pretty profitable day from the US Mail! Thank you Mr. Postman!


Linda up north said...

oh my gosh... how I wish I had walked down to YOUR mailbox today!!
Enjoy your meals (and now that you have some freebies, I hope you get the same wait staff so you can tell them how their rudeness paid off for you and how you probably WON'T be leaving a tip :) Don't cast your pearls you know :D

Lisa said...

wow, with a day like that you should have run out and bought some lottery tickets!!!

That is a really nice surprise to get gift cards...I bet your next meal will be a lot nicer. What do you bet?

Our weather has been so rainy and windy. I was to take more pictures today but we decided to put it off till tomorrow. Severe weather is suppose to come in this afternoon and suppose to be half way nice tomorrow. Looking outside now, I am kind of regretting my decision. Looks pretty nice to me. what to do...what to do???