Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Okay. First of all I highly recommend this zoo. If you are ever anywhere near Omaha, heck, make a special trip!, and visit this zoo. It was wonderful.
You wonder what God was thinking when He created the peacock with that huge tail. But it sure is beautiful, isn't it.
In the river, below the bridge, are thousands of koi competing for the feed pellets that the kids throw to them. And I may add: also the Cheetos, chips, cookie pieces, and the occasional PB&J.

Because the lion doesn't live in the jungle, I would say this guy is the king of the jungle.

I love, love, loved the butterfly pavilion! You go through two sets of glass sliding doors in order to get into the home of the butterflies. And you need to dodge them sometimes as you walk along the pathway through the bushes and flowers as they are free to fly; you are in their cage! And you go through two more sets of doors to get out. And attendant checks you over to make sure none of the butterflies are hitching a ride out on your jeans or shirt.

Aren't those "eyes" on their wings almost real looking?

More than one set of eyes here.
I usually don't do bugs, but this guy was so cute! He almost looked fake.
There were beautiful orchids in several of the more tropical buildings. The hot, sweaty, buildings. Like the one in the next photos........the jungle building. I have decided for sure that I'll never do a jungle trek. I couldn't stand the heat and humidity. ICK!
But we did go on the jungle walk at the zoo. See the rope bridge on the right side of the picture?

Yes, we did. We crossed the river on the rope bridge. And it was very slippery from the waterfall on the left of this picture. In real life, in a real jungle, you wouldn't get me to cross a little stream on one of those rope bridges. Not if it were more than three feet off the ground!

I think these are called the peace lily, aren't they? Very beautiful.
Don't know who this guy is, but his address is the jungle.
The only picture of these guys that was half way clear doesn't show their long colorful tails. Sorry.
Notice I didn't bore you with lions and tigers and bears. Oh my! And I only posted 15 of the 315 pictures that came home with me from the zoo. And my camera battery is charged and ready for the botanical gardens tomorrow. It will be fun. Love to take flower pictures!


Just Joni said...

How fun! It has been eons since I have been to such a place...I really need to get my nose out of these books and see the real world...come on June...mama, needs a new vision! Hey, who stoled the parrot's clothes...he'll get an inferiority complex looking like that!

FAScinated said...

Great pictures!

Lisa said...

I love the pictures of the zoo. And I feel sad for the bird that has lost his feather. Glad you are enjoying your trip. Wish I was there!

Mom in MN said...

This is a great zoo! We try to go there each time we go to Omaha to visit my brother. Each year they have some type of special exhibit.
Great pictures -- thank you for sharing!

Mom in MN said...

P.S. Those koi love popcorn also!

Linda B. said...

You take such georgous pictures. Thanks for sharing-