Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Last Thursday we had the satellite broadband installed in our RV, but we didn't have a chance to put up the dish and attempt to connect until Saturday. We could not get it to work, but since we were visiting our son Lenny, his wife Connie, and our youngest grandson Sammy, we didn't stress over it and just packed it away for another day and another attempt to connect. We visited the kids on Friday and Saturday and on Sunday left for our rendezvous with our friends in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. We stopped for the evening in Ashland, Wisconsin, and again tried to point the dish to "our" satellite 23,000 miles up in the sky. We did not succeed, but because we were excited to meet up with our friends we again brushed off our failure and put it away to try again another time. That day was today. We were up before seven, even after staying up late visiting and setting our clocks ahead to Eastern time. We tried, and tried, and tried. We got a strong signal which meant we had connected with our far off satellite, but we couldn't get it to transmit the signal or to give us a go ahead blue light on the box. We started calling for support, and after 8 hours and talking with about 10 different tech guys, I was finally connected with a very pleasant young man down in Florida. We went through the system, made several changes, and totally redid the installation, and 40 minutes later we finally got all 5 blue lights to shine bright and clear! Yup, we were finally online. But it was suppertime and we were going out to eat with our friends, so blogging was put off until we returned. We also installed the wireless router, and now I can sit here, not plugged into anything, and get online! I am excited! The connection is a bit slow right now, but as we learn to tweak the dish a bit more we should get a stronger connection. The sad thing is that we're leaving this spot in about 36 hours and we'll have to take the dish down and try again at a camp spot down the road. Wish us luck!


FAScinated said...

Yeah!! Glad to see that you are connected! I miss you already! ~Kari

Sage said...

Like I said, we'll probably not be able to do it again, but for the next 36 hours I have internet! Miss you too, and love you dearly.