Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Last night we were invited to Kari's place for a steak dinner and to say good-bye to her, Mike, and the kids. The meal was excellent: baked potatoes, steak, asparagus, fruit salad, and pie. Tonight, after driving to our son's place, we were treated to another wonderful meal: chicken marinated in sun dried tomato dressing with additional tomatoes and cheese on top, carrots, fruit salad, Italian salad, Italian bread, wine and pie. Nummy! I think we've gained about 10 pounds in the 5 weeks we were home, simply because of all the excellent meals we've been fed.

We are parked in front of our son Kevin's home, on the cul de sac at the end of a quiet street in a very nice neighborhood. Out our door is their nicely manicured lawn and Molly's beautiful flower beds. It was fun to see the two boys, especially after saying goodbye to the other grandkids over the past couple of days. It was so great to be home and see all the grandkids, but it was hard to have to leave again.

It was also hard to say goodbye to my mom again. She is 85 and I worry about her. She drives her trusty van to Bible classes, lunches with friends, and her Hannah Circle meetings, giving all the old people rides! Until very recently she volunteered at the senior center and a thrift shop, and before that at the hospital gift shop, too. We had hoped she and my sister could fly to Nova Scotia to spend a couple of weeks with us this summer, but mom's back isn't going to permit that trip. We wish it would have worked out, but we will take a lot of pictures and will continue to post them on this blog.

Speaking of pictures. The one above is of our meal tonight. The competition between son and daughter continues. Maybe Kari will post about the past meals they've prepared.

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