Monday, June 25, 2007


Good morning. Just a quick note this morning from the visitor center on PEI. We arrived here on Saturday and drove around towards Charlottetown in the afternoon and went to a music night at the campground after dinner. It was a lot of fun......a group did several Hand Williams tunes, and other people got up out of the audience and sang other country songs. Country is big up here. Yesterday we went to the northwestern most point of PEI, North Cape or something like that. I have pictures, but because I'm not at my own computer I can't send them right now. We are heading towards Charlottetown today, to a campspot right smack in the middle of the island. From there we will head up to the Anne of Green Gables stuff and down to Charlottetown and Victoria along the coast. So far we love PEI. If I was forced to settle somewhere rather than back home, PEI could easily be in the top few choices. Wonderful, friendly people and a small town feel to the whole island make it many folks' very favorite part of Canada.

Until later.....

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