Thursday, June 28, 2012


The shower on Sunday for Granddaughter Kjirsten and her coming baby girl was a lot of fun.  My little house was packed, but no one complained.  At least to me!  And we all had fun watching Kjirsten open her treasures.  And boy oh boy, did she get some treasures.  This little girl will be lacking for nothing.....especially love.
It was easy to find the party location as we had a big stork balloon and two beautiful hostesses out in front.
My little living room was full.  I know at least 4 more who came after this picture was taken.

The mama to be played the melted chocolate bar in the diaper game.
I emptied off this table for the gifts, but they spilled over onto the floor and out into the garage.
Admiring some pink cuteness.  There was a lot of pink.......including
these precious little ballerina booties!  Have you ever seen anything so cute?
Ryan's mom gave them a camera.  What a wonderful gift!
Someone made a little quilt.
And someone needs to practice sewing straight quilting lines!

There were several big gifts too.  This play pen/portable crib, a swing,
a stroller and car seat, they call it a baby travel system now days, and a crib mattress from one great grandma to be, and the crib from this great grandma to be.
Would you believe that this beautiful girl is in her third trimester?  She isn't very big, is she.

We are all getting excited for August to get here.  The due date is the 25th.  This baby is loved!


Jeanne said...

I love showers! You're right - she isn't very big for an August due date! Looks like she is prepared for baby now with all these nice gifts!

Linda up north said...

So exciting! Not much more wonderful and happy than a baby!
You have really made your home so lovely :) Fun to see how it has all come together since back when you moved... beautiful!