Thursday, June 07, 2012


When I bought the starts to create my hanging baskets, I didn't realize that I bought mostly purple plants.  Or shades of purple.  There are a few red, yellow, and orangy flowers, but most of then are purple.  But I'm liking it now that everything is so lush and full of blooms.
And because I'm loving the shades of purple, I am sitting on my patio and taking pictures in all kinds of light and weather.  The next one is early before 6 am.
Late afternoon is shadowy.

And I kind of like the pop of color in the dark of the shadows.
I like the spiky plant with the delicate flowers and the bold coleus.
This one is kind of dull, however.
Some of the hanging baskets.
More purple.
And even more purple.
Cute pitcher!  I've been going to the 12 year old league ball games this week, and really enjoying them.
I don't know what kind of butterfly this is, but he's pretty.
I cannot believe that this is our garden the first week in June.  It's more like the first week of July!  Everything is so far ahead of normal.

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Paula said...

Your purple is beautiful. It's my favorite color and I don't have nearly as much of it right now as I usually do!