Saturday, June 09, 2012


Do you know how hard it is to get pictures of airplanes zooming overhead on a bright sunny day?  Well, it's hard!  This is one of my photos:
Lovely blue sky with not a plane in sight!

Then we have this one where the planes are barely into the picture.
Or this one where they are just about behind the trees.
It's rather difficult without a quality camera and lens to get anything worth while.
It's always fun to watch the Blue Angels perform, and especially so when they come to a small town in Minnesota.  The farming community is not used to such high precision entertainment.
We have seen these guys, and their Air Force counterparts the Thunderbirds, numerous times as they often performed on the bases where we lived.  But there is something about loading up the car with lawn chairs and heading for the country roads, and finding a safe spot to sit and watch the show.
This is our spot!  Perfect for hubby, our daughter, my friend, three grandkids, and one of their friends.  Are we silly or what?  Actually, three or four other cars joined us for awhile, so we weren't the only ones acting silly.

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Glad that road was closed!
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