Monday, June 18, 2012


I know.  It's been kind of garden picture overload recently.  But really, the garden has kind of taken over our lives.....and our back yard!
I call this the tomato jungle.  Do you think we'll ever be able to get in there when the tomatoes start coming?
Along the fence/woodpile is the zucchini, which we can see growing daily.  And we have many blossoms so will probably be overrun shortly.  However, those bare spots are lettuce, or should be lettuce.  I think it's too hot.  We'll replant later on for a fall crop.
And this is supper.  Well, these beauties along with chicken, peppers, carrots and onions in a sweet and sour orange sauce served over rice.  Want to join us?  We'll be eating early because I have to go to a mission speaker at the college tonight, and grandpa will attend Nicolas' ball game.  Unless the humidity and temperature remains in the upper 80's.  Ugh.  I really dislike humidity.

Sure makes the garden grow though!


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Your garden looks wonderful! It is so hot and DRY here! We have been watering for several weeks now.
I can't wait for the cucumbers and tomatoes to ripen!

Jeanne said...

I love sweet and sour anything! Sounds like a good supper! We've been enjoying tomatoes from our garden - red and green too. We've had fried green tomatoes and Mom made green tomatoe relish. We've been fighting the bugs though!

Karen O said...

Sounds delicious! Marge, did you know you are a no-reply commenter? When I get your comments, I can't reply to them because your settings don't allow it. If you want help to fix that, let me know! Or maybe you like it that way. ;0

Denise said...

I never get tired of looking at your garden pictures! Those zucchini are beautiful - nothing better than zucchini fresh out of the garden!