Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Well, I have been writing my book.  Okay, so it's not a book.  I have been busy writing my booklet.  Merriam-Webster defines booklet as a little book.  Okay, I guess it's not really even that.  But I have been busy putting together the information I have gathered into a little bunch of pages that will be bound into a kind of pamphlet, small booklet, hence, little book! 

I believe I had mentioned previously that my high school class reunion is next weekend, and that I had sent out a questionnaire to my classmates asking for a few facts to put into this little reunion memory booklet.  Oh, what fun I've had!  Some responses came by mail, some by email, and I've had a few phone calls.  Reconnecting, after 50 years in some cases, has been great fun.  I cannot wait to see everyone next Friday night when we meet for our first event of the weekend, a casual get together at a restaurant/bar in our little city.  I can just imagine the screams and hugs we'll exchange as we see each other.  We were a very small, very close class and we are anticipating a great turnout.

Now my time is being spent trying to think of funny questions to ask at this first night get together.  You know, who came from the farthest away, who has the most kids, grandkids, anyone have a great?  Who has earned the highest degree.  Or who is closest to their high school weight, which I'm sorry to say won't be won by me!  Anyone have any other suggestions?  Keep them clean!  This is a Christian school!

So, I have sent my book off to the publisher.  Okay, the IT department at school, and they are going to print it for me.  I'm sorry there won't be any extra available to sell to the general public.  You know, you would have gotten a free copy if you would have been there with us!  Fifty years ago!  But I may think about editing my own responses a little bit and posting them for you.  We'll see!


TonjiaT said...

what fun!! I think the book is a great idea!

Lets see, fun questions to ask, what about who married their high school sweetheart?

Marge said...

Got that one, Tonjia. And guess what? Ernie and I are the only two from our class who married within our own class!

Paxie said...

This sounds so exciting Marge! How wonderful of you to do this.

Now I know another person who is a "published author" LOL


AKBrady said...

What a great idea, I can't wait to see how it all turns out! Have a blast.