Sunday, September 11, 2011

Here are some of those wonderful spider webs again.
One of God's miracles.  How do those little spiders create such beautiful and intricate webs, attached by a  fine thread to a leaf here and a stalk of grass there.  Awesome.
Last night, after a day of working on the pergola, we took son Lance and his two daughters out to 7 mile creek, which happens to be 12 miles from our place.
Two cuties, don't you think?   And wonder of wonders, they didn't accidentally fall into the water!
I only saw the bug in the middle when I shot this flower.  When I looked at it later, I saw the lighter colored spidery looking thing that blends into the petals.
Jaden gave a gymnastics demonstration.
I sure can't bend like that, can you?
This is Miss Madison, otherwise known as Miss Pyro.  She loves fire.
We ended the evening with a campfire, and when we got back home, Madison asked if we could make a fire in the back yard!
This morning was sunny and warm, with a bright blue sky,  perfect weather for finishing the pergola.  Here are Ernie and Lance putting in the final bolt.
I cleaned up, swept, moved furniture, hung plants, and created my little outdoor room.
This evening I spent a few minutes sitting out under the twinkling lights, thinking about that horrible day, ten years ago.  No, we will never forget.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marge,
What wonderful pictures and a wonderful day! Your grands are cuties...and no...I could NEVER bend like your gd did! Wow! The patio is soooo pretty!

I have two children in the Army, so I am sad with all the stuff our troops are still going through.

Hope you have a good week coming up!

Chris said...
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Chris said...

Good job on your deck! Looks like a peaceful place to have coffee.

Lasso the Moon said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who loves spider webs. Gorgeous!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Your pergola turned out great.
Tell me more about when and where you are going in Missouri!

Paxie said...

This is, river, (no I can't move like that) your outside living space and the spider webs!

I love all of it and you!!

linda said...

ohmy, what dears are your grands....and your photos are also them all....that little bug is a lady bug larvae! weird, i know...

congrats on a lovely pergola...ours needs posting but haven't gotten to it yet! ;) xox