Thursday, September 22, 2011


I keep saying that we're done.  The flowers are all planted, the bark is all surrounding the transplants, the pergola is finished, and has lights on all the overhead slats, and all the bushes have been cut down, dug out, pulled out, or trimmed.  Well, almost all.  I have two in front and three along the garage that I'll get trimmed out in the next few weeks, but we're pretty close to finished.  And then I remember the vegetable garden that we plan to make on the slope in back.  The slope that leads down to the wetlands area.  We pulled the bushes and have tilled it up, but we need to build the tiers into the little hillside.  So I guess we aren't done.
 Obviously there are a few rocks to pick around this newly planted rhubarb!  But I am excited!  Haven't had rhubarb since before 2006 when we sold our home.  We had rhubarb there, unless hubby or one of the boys got a bit excited with the lawnmower and chopped it up before it had a chance to grow.
I will also put some of this wonderful compost around that rhubarb.  Hubby got two loads of this beautiful black gold, so we're hoping the gardens do well.
After some of that beautiful compost had been applied, we spread some lovely wood chips.   I knelt on each and every one of those cement blocks and I now have the ugliest knees you can imagine.  Black, blue, yellow, brown, purple, and stiff and sore!
 We planted hostas and lilies around the two trees.  Some from my friend Charlie, some from BIL Ike, and some from DIL's friend Christine. 
 This back corner has phlox from Charlie and grasses from DIL. Molly.  There are also some coral bells along the front.  Those, and all the rest of the plants came from dear Charlie.
 With the cooler weather and the little bit of rain, my two huge Boston ferns are looking better than they have all summer.  They like hanging in this tree, I think.  I had them on the pergola for a few days, but the sun was too hot and direct there. 
This area that was ugly bushes now is the home of phlox, sedum and 11 colors of iris among other things. 
We ran out of chips so hubby had to make another quick trip to the compost place to get another load to finish up.  In the past couple of weeks we have planted about sixty plants that were gifted to me.  Oh, I hope I can keep them alive!
And my beautiful purple planter is slowly going down hill.  I cannot believe how the couple of dollars worth of flowers I planted in there have given me so much pleasure this summer.  I'm hoping I can find the exact same plants next year.
And my bright red geraniums have new buds growing!  They seem to like the south end of the patio at the outside of the pergola. 

So, anyone want to come and help put three tiers of beds on the slope?  I have nice compost to work in, and I'll make you a nice cup of French press coffee if you'll help!


Paxie said...

Have you considered a landscaping business? The yard is shaping up wonderfully!!

However, you know...yard work is continuously "almost done" LOL


Freja said...

Love how personal and cozy your blog is! I have become a follower of yours! :) Would love if you took a look back!