Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I had an email from a friend this morning, wondering if the reunion was too much for us old folks.  Asking if we partied too much and were recovering.  No, to both.  We survived just fine.  But I have been digesting and remembering and thinking and reliving...............

It was an awesome weekend.  No other way to say it.

It all started on Friday evening at 6 pm.  We had reservations at a nice restaurant in the downtown area, in a spot that used to be a furniture store, I believe.  We walked in the door right behind a gal in a brown jacket, and when she turned around as we came in, I recognized Margie right away.  She has pretty brown eyes, eyes that you don't forget.  Margie didn't spend her senior year with us as her family moved, but I am so glad she came back for the reunion.  We were good friends, and she lives part way between here and Grand Forks where our son lives, so I think we will be renewing our friendship.

After we were shown to the table we found that we were the first ones there, but it didn't take long for others to arrive.  Ruthie!  Mel!  Dale!  Jimmy!  Marlene!  Bruce!  And all the rest.  I am proud to say I knew everyone!  We talked and laughed, and talked and laughed some more.  Stories were told.  Stories about a stolen jeep.  Stories about an illegal car (students at the boarding school were not allowed cars).  Stories about learning how to smoke.  Stories about having one beer and not being allowed to participate in choir or cheerleading.  Oh, boy.  Those were the days!

I had purchased a dozen roses in our school colors of red and white, and I had come up with a list of questions to see who would win a rose.  Mel came from the farthest away, St. Petersburg, Florida.  Mel has been married the shortest time.  Mel has the youngest kid.  Mel made the first reservation for the reunion.  So, he won a third of the roses!  Marlene is the proud great grandmother of a little girl and has also been married the longest time, 49 years.  Margie still has her class ring and occasionally wears it.  Bruce has earned a PhD.  My friend, Ruthie, won the rose for being closest to her high school weight.  50 years after graduation and she is still a zero, I think.  Awesome!  And yours truly and hubby have the most kids (7) and the most grandkids (15).

We left the restaurant and headed to the motel where most of the gang was staying.  The management kindly let us use the breakfast room and we talked until after midnight, kinda late for us old folks.  

Notice that it turns out that I am not the only person with white hair!  Oh, everyone seemed to enjoy the booklet I had put together from the answers to my questionnaire and the graduation photos room our yearbook.  And most of those coffee cups contained a bit of wine, not coffee!

Saturday morning we all met at the college under cloudy skies and gale force winds, and posed for a group picture in front of the class project for the reunion celebration, a water feature on campus.

There are 14 of us pictured here.  Actually 3 others joined us a bit later, so we were 17 all together.  Not too bad after a graduating class of only 24 and this being 50 years later.  We spent the day together on campus, touring the new buildings and renovated dorms, eating in the cafeteria, and visiting with a couple of favorite profs.

Saturday night we had dinner reservations again at a nice restaurant.  This time there were 17 of us, with numerous spouses and a few guests also joining us.  The dinner was very nice.  I had broiled walleye....remember this is Minnesota!   I didn't see a single person overdo it on the alcohol.......I had two glasses of wine, not overdoing it for a 6 hour get together I don't think!  It was so nice.  I love these people!

These gals are some of my dearest friends......and all were cheerleaders.  Looking good, don't you think?
We decided that we'd meet again in 5 years.  We had 2 volunteers to head up the festivities next time.  And I'm guessing that we won't get any older in the next five years.  Forever young is the class of 1961!

My friend Sonja had a copy of the class last will and testament and the class prophecy.  These things were hilarious!  I had forgotten that my prophecy was that I would marry Troy Donahue!  I did have a crush on him,  I guess.  Loved the movie Summerplace. 

So, we survived  the big celebration.  Now if I can recover from the allergies this horrible wind is bringing me, and unstiffen from the bending and digging and kneeling on cement, I will be fine.  Pictures of the backyard project that is almost completed will come tomorrow, and then we're all going on a road trip.  Are you packed?

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