Monday, September 26, 2011


We waited for you yesterday morning, but when no one showed up by 6:30, we took off on our roadtrip.  We had a lovely day for traveling.  The sky was blue and the clouds a fluffy white as we passed from Minnesota into Iowa.
 We pulled over into a roadside park with nothing but this old school painted red.  No table or anything, but it was called a park.
I made sandwiches out of the cooler in the back of our car and we ate while walking around and stretching our legs.
Our dinning companions stayed on the other side of the highway.

Soon we crossed another border.
And the scenery became very hilly......
.....and even hillier as we approached Branson.
We found our motel and I cooked our dinner in my rice cooker which I had brought along.  It worked very well!  I used a risotto gluten free mix and added canned chicken and cooked carrots on the upper layer.  Good meal for nothing!
This morning we drove around a bit, and found the quilt shop to end all quilt shops.  And there were signs all over saying "no photos" so I obeyed!  But I bought some pre-cut fabrics.  Yes, I did.  Camille's Ruby and Joanna's Butterscotch to name a couple. 
We enjoyed looking at the different buildings and signs for the shows.  And after lunch we headed to our first show...............
WOW!  I loved it!
They did some traditional Irish songs, Irish folks songs, opera, Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Queen, Glenn Miller and music from Les Miz.  Oh my goodness, they are good!  And energetic!  I don't know how they could do a two hour show and be just as energetic at the end as they were at the beginning.  I'd go again.
They signed autographs in the lobby after the show, and I got a picture of one of the stars of the show.  This guy was funny, a big flirt, an incredible singer, and an awesome dancer.  So it was a fun afternoon. 
Hubby is grabbing himself a nap, I'm blogging, and soon we'll have dinner at the little place across the street.  Then we're off to see the Acrobats of China, which should be a fun evening.

I'm sorry you guys didn't get there in time to go with us, because you would be having fun, too!


Anonymous said...

That is not fair!!! If you'd just waited 5 more minutes I would have been able to go with you! Oh shucks! You looked like you enjoy every minute! :)

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Why I do belive you are following in my foot steps from a few years ago:

Anyway, that QUILT shop is awesome!!!

Have a great time and leave lots of $$ in Missouri!