Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Yes, I love coffee.  And yes, I love good fresh coffee made from fresh ground coffee beans.  But I don't usually spend the whole day at the coffee shop!  This day, however, was different!

We have friends who farm west of here.  They also have a place here in town, prepared for when they retire from farming!  Someone in the family is finding it hard to give up his field time though, so right now they are kind of commuting between the farm and the small town where we live.  They were in town for a couple of days so Ernie and I had a date for breakfast with them at the coffee shop.  We had a great time, talking fast to fit in everything we had to say before they headed back to the farm.  After they left, and as long as were in town, we headed to the grocery store to get milk, the credit union to order a new debit card, and to the mall to walk a couple of rounds before it opened and filled up with teenagers out to buy the latest and greatest new clothes before school starts.  As I was walking through the book store I had a call from my sister who was in town and wanted to do coffee!  Sure!  Back to the coffee shop and the grins of the coffee shop staff who knew I had just left forty five minutes ago!  So my sister and I chatted away for an hour until Ernie came to pick me up.

Then I got a text message.  My friend who recently retired and who had spent the last month and a half traveling between her daughters' homes, was back in town, and she wanted to do a late lunch.  At the coffee shop!  So, of course, I said sure! 

The poor girls behind the counter really chuckled at my third visit to the coffee shop in the same day!  But hey, it wasn't all coffee.  I had an English muffin egg sandwich the first time, for breakfast; a cranberry, date, almond muffin the second time, for coffee break; and chicken tortilla soup the third time, for lunch!

Guess what?  I'm not very hungry for supper!

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Lisa said...

But if you doooo get hungry you could always have just another cup of coffee.....I sure hope there was a bathroom close by!! hahahah.