Monday, August 23, 2010


If you didn't accept my invitation to join my family and come to the reunion this past weekend, then these next two posts will not mean a thing to you!  Sorry!  But I will post the pictures so my family that didn't attend can see part of the festivities.

This first picture is of the shop full of empty tables and chairs that would soon be filled with scores of hubby's relatives.  Yes, scores.  More than a hundred people attended.

Here are a few of them: Ernie in the purple shirt next to nephew David.  On the other end are two of Ernie's brothers, Roy and Neil.
 Here are a few more folks, with the two women in the foreground being two sisters in law, Karen and Dotty.

More relatives.
The two young men on the left are Justin barely visible and Joe, two grandsons.  Another sister in law, Sue, in the yellow shirt, our son Kevin in the red shirt next to his wife Molly in the white, and SIL Karen again.
The cowboy in the back is the oldest family member, the family patriarch, Milo.  The others are the family that hosted the reunion, Ernie's brother Arnold on the far right, his wife Jan, their daughter Tammy in the middle in the pink shirt who was the actual hostess for the reunion, then their son Mark, his wife Shelly, and their son Jeremiah.
Ernie's brothers and spouses: left to right are Roy, Dotty, behind Dotty is David, then Sue, and behind her is Ernie, then Neil, me in back center, Karen in dark blue, Joann in back, Jan in pink, Jim in back, and Arnold.
Granddaughter Jaden holding Eden
Granddaughter Madison shooting bean bags
Ernie's brother Jim and his wife Joann
And to top the evening off, fireworks, which were much nicer than this shaky photographer shows here!!!


Anonymous said...

I don't see leather or lace. Maren

Marge said...

Let's see....the older guy with the cowboy hat has on a leather vest, but then he always dresses like that. And the hostess wore leather, as did the official photographer. The photographer of this blog did not, nor did great big uncle Ernie!

Hi to Shane.