Thursday, August 05, 2010


This is the field across from the park entrance where we spent the last two plus months.  When we got there at the end of May, the crops looked much different!  I love looking at a nice clean field of beans and the straight rows in the cornfield.  Very nice looking crops here.
Taken early in the morning, this is our campsite down there on the left.  The next photo is looking out from our driveway, across the grass in the middle, towards the camp office.
Okay, this is the current resting place for the quilt I finished up at the park.  I'm not sure if it will stay there or not.  There isn't as much blue in the quilt as I thought there was.
This is a table runner I made a couple of weeks ago.  I don't like sewing triangles, first of all, and this was a kit, and so the fabrics weren't quite what I would have picked on my own.  The layers are only pinned together right now, waiting for me to quilt it and put on the binding.  I doubt if I'll make another of this pattern.
This is the table runner I made last week.  I love it!  The fabrics are actually a Moda Christmas line.  It went together really easy...........
this is the back side to show how it's simple to do.  It's the three middle long strips, then a short strip across the two ends of that.  Add another strip on each side, and put another short strip on the two ends.  It's kind of like a log cabin or courthouse steps pattern.  It's waiting for me to layer it with the batt and backing, and then quilt it and put on the binding.  I think I'll make another couple of this pattern.


Jeanne said...

I would love to learn quilting some day. My mother gave me her frame so I have no excuse.
Your quilt and table runners are beautiful!

Memaw's memories said...

I really like this runner. I think I could do this one.

I know you are glad t be back home.

Lisa said...

I'm sorry, but I don't see ANYTHING simple about this at all. How pretty, but it takes a talented eye like yours to make it turn into a beautiful piece of art. I will get with the blog here in a week or so and let every one know what all Ihave been doing the past two months....sure not blogging.

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