Friday, August 27, 2010


Yesterday was a beautiful day in our neighborhood, and Ernie asked if I wanted to go somewhere on an adventure.  Yes!  I am usually up for a road trip!  So we picked a destination a couple of hours north and east of here, and we took off.

Let's see if you can guess from this photo where we went.

Yup....we went to Red Wing, Minnesota,  a picturesque city on the mighty Mississippi River, and home to two very famous items that I'm sure you have all heard about.  Both products use the red wing in their logo... do you know what I'm talking about?  Red Wing pottery and Red Wing boots and shoes.  Both are manufactured here.
 The town is also a destination for Minnesotans and Wisconsinites.  These boats and houseboats are lining the Wisconsin shore of the Mississippi River.
 These boat garages are on the Minnesota side.

 There are hundreds of these boat garages along the shore line.  There are also many open marinas along here, but those lucky folks who have had a garage passed down to them will have their own covered storage space for the winter.
The sign above the pottery  showroom.  I really love pottery, and do have a couple of pieces of Red Wing pottery, but I was a good girl yesterday and I didn't purchase a thing!

This is the old original pottery factory that has now been turned into shops and antique stores.  We had a good time looking through some of the antique shops, admiring the glassware and china, especially the depression glass because I have so much of it.  My green goblets are marked $65.....I have 5 of them!  And a footed dish, called a mayonnaise compote, was marked $50.  I am looking for a specific green creamer to go with the sugar bowl that I have, but didn't find one.
This photo was taken at 55's the Red Wing shoe factory.  We didn't go there, although I did see that they have an outlet store there.  And just a little piece of history.....Ernie's mom worked there for a few years back in the day.
All in all, it was a fun day spent in one of the summer's most glorious days.  I'm so glad we went on our little road trip.

And, the little cafe where we had a cup of soup and a half a sandwich, served their healthy lunches on Fiesta dinnerware!  Fun!

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Jeanne said...

Sounds like a fun place to spend some time!
Hope you have a nice weekend.