Saturday, July 07, 2007


We were so hoping for a nice sunny day, but the sky is completely grey this morning. Maybe it will clear a bit as the day goes along. I really hope so. You see, today is the day we board the huge ship for our six hour trip over to New Foundland, and we would like clear blue skies with fluffy white clouds and calm seas. Our ship sails at four this afternoon, so we figured it would be perfect timing for a sunset at sea right before we land after ten tonight in NF.

We should be able to get the RV ready for sailing in a short amount of time as we didn't really set things up when we arrived two days ago because we knew we'd be leaving soon. It's just a matter of taking the plate rack and knife block off the counter and storing them in the basket that I use for keeping loose items in one place when we travel, closing the stove top and washing up the coffee pot and breakfast dishes. Then we can run in the slides, raise the jacks, hook up the RV to the truck, unplug the electricity and water and we're on our way.

I really do wish, however, that the guys would quit singing this little ditty: " ........ a three hour tour. The weather starting getting rough, the tiny ship was tossed......." And last night Dick announced that he was dressing in his Gilligan outfit for the day!


FAScinated said...

You know that if your kids were with you we'd all be singing that song as well! Have fun! ~Kari

Dawn Williams said...

I'd like to see what Dad calls his "Gilligan" outfit!