Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Monday morning we decided to drive around the Port au Port Penninsula. We headed west first, then turned north and drove along the west coast of the penninsula which gave us lovely views of the water. Way up at the top, the road continues out onto a narrow strip of land to a little spot on the map called Long Point. We had no clue what we would find there, but off we went, up the narrow dirt road which probably hadn't seen a road grader in years!
After many miles of bouncing along the road, we came to Long Point, a tiny fishing village.

By this time we were all ready for a bathroom break. As we drove up to the third cabin you see on the left side, we saw two women and two little girls standing in the middle of the road talking and a man on the side of the narrow road. Ernie rolled down the window and asked him if there was a public bathroom we could use. The man said there was and pointed to a small building down on the harbor. Then he changed his mind, pointed to one of the women, his wife, and said she would show us their house and we could use their bathroom! The woman showed us to their modest little summer cabin and said we were welcome to come in. We visited with these friendly folks for a few minutes, each received a flower from one of the little girls, and soon we were on our way again, much relieved by our short visit. It was almost sad to leave these kind new friends, but we had more exploring to do.

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