Sunday, July 22, 2007


I'm missing my home town church today. We haven't even seen a Lutheran Church up here, much less attended one. For a PK who grew up in church every single Sunday, rain or shine, snow or 100% humidity, and who has been an active member of our church wherever we lived, this is unquestionally very hard for me. We have our Bibles and devotion books, but it's not the same as worshiping with others who believe the same as we do, and I miss the fellowship of the friends that I have seen in church every Sunday for the last 25 years. And then to receive an email from my sister who told me that our new assistant pastor, Pastor Brooks, had an excellent sermon today, made me more lonesome than ever for our church. So when we ran to the store for a couple of items, I had Ernie drive by this beautiful church so I could take a picture of it. It's a beautiful white with vivid red trim. The color doesn't snow properly on this picture, but it is a lovely church, set up on a little hill, with it's stately square topped spires reaching up into the bright blue sky.

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