Thursday, July 05, 2007


What beautiful country! I seem to take more pictures of the vibriant blue sky and white fluffy clouds than of anything else. Yesterday afternoon we drove only about 50 km after arriving in Nova Scotia, and we found a camp spot right along the highway. This morning we went out for breakfast, something we've not done before on this trip, and then gassed up and picked up groceries. Our drive today was pleasant and not long by distance, only about 140 km, but it was a rough road and quite hilly and curvy, so it took a bit longer than I had thought it would. The scenery was very beautiful again. I really like this northeastern part of Canada. We are at a large campground where there is a large caravan of motorhomes and a couple of other smaller groups or clubs. I'm guessing they are all waiting for the ferry to New Foundland. When Ernie and Dick went to get tickets for our trip they found that we have to wait until Saturday afternoon. That's okay though as it might be wise to do laundry again tomorrow so we maybe won't have to do it in New Foundland where I'm guessing prices will be high. And my stomach has been a bit funny today, and I really would like to be at my very best when I go on a six hour trip across the big water. I have been on a couple of long ferry rides before, as I went from Whittier to Cordova, Alaska, across Prince William Sound, but I think this water may be a bit rougher. We leave at four in the afternoon, so if it's a nice day we should have a sunset to watch as we'll not land until after ten. We are really getting excited about the next leg of our trip. I hope we'll have access so I can post pictures.


Dawn Williams said...

I'm so glad you guys are having fun. Make sure my mother takes pictures. I'm going to get her an album and while they're home in September, we'll put it together so they will have a treasure to take to Arizona with them.

Keep the great pictures coming. I follow your blog every few days.

Linda B. said...

You take the most beautiful photos. I love looking at them. I wasn't too keen on history or geography in high school, so am learning alot from you! I'm glad you are having a wonderful time!