Wednesday, May 30, 2007


This map of the eastern half of the USA is marked in red along the route that we've travelled since September. The first three months of our retirement we spent in Alaska, but the map isn't big enough to include that whole trip, so this is just since we returned from Alaska in September and took off south. We've been through Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio. Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennyslvania, and a quick jaunt into Deleware, just to say we've been there. What beautiful scenery we've seen, and what super people we've met! We've been asked which place was our favorite, and each time I think I reply with different answers. God has given each part of our country its own beauty, and each place is unique and special. If forced to answer one place though, I would probably have answer with Maryland. I loved the area around Haggerstown (hi Carole and Glenn!) and could see myself living somewhere in the mountains along the Apalachian Trail.

We will be heading back on the road next Tuesday, first stopping at our son's place east of the Cities for a couple of nights, then cutting back across Minnesota to Grand Forks North Dakota to see another son and family. On the way we are stopping in Grand Rapids to have satellite internet installed in our RV. I am so excited! It will be wonderful to again have my computer available 24/7 instead of having to drive to a restaurant or coffee shop (or bar!) where they offer wireless. Maybe then I will be a bit more regular in my blogging.

Actually when we leave Grand Forks and head east to New Foundland, Nova Scotia, PEI etc, I will have so much to share with you all that I don't think I'll have any trouble coming up with something to blog. We've never been there and are so looking forward to exploring more of God's wonderful creation. I promise many pictures.

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