Wednesday, May 30, 2007


This is part of our family that we had out to our campground on Memorial Day. It was kind of a spur of the moment thing, and not everyone could come, but we had a good crowd anyhow. I found it to be a hard day. Our daughter that has distanced herself from the family for quite a few years actually came this time, and that's the part that was so hard for me. It was good to see her but it makes me sad to see her. She used to be so healthy and athletic looking, and her current 93 pounds is really tough to see as she weighed more than that when she first came to live with us in 1982 at age 13. All through school she was active in sports, softball, basketball, swiming and diving, and now she stumbles when she walks. She knew she was at risk for addiction because of her Native American heritage, but the powerful urges were too much for her to overcome and she now can't live without her drug of choice, alcohol. It's so hard to watch her go further and further downhill into the abyss, but until she wants help there is nothing anyone can do. So I continue to take her phone calls, I continue to tell her I love her, and I continue to pray for her daily, waiting for the day when she returns to us. Maybe some day we can again have family get togethers and not wonder if she'll show up, or if she'll call with some excuse why she can't come. Maybe some day she'll realize what she is missing by living the life she is and will want to rejoin the family. Maybe some day she'll love herself as much as we love her and will accept the help that is available to her. Please dear heavenly Father, keep her safe and bring her back to us. We miss her so!


Anonymous said...

I can feel your pain, Marge, as my mom was an alcoholic. Your daughter is in my prayers also.

Linda up north said...

Oh my heart is breaking for you. I am praying that your daughter will come back from this addiction and also that the Lord will comfort you as you face this unhappiness :(