Wednesday, May 23, 2007


We are out of coffee. Not a pretty picture! I was up late last night and slept a little later this morning, and then couldn't wake up because of the coffee outage. I sat in the rocking chair, staring at the TV screen where FOX NEWS was trying to educate me on the war, the missing woman, the kidnapped little girl, etc, and nothing was getting through. I ate my normal breakfast of yogurt and strawberries and drank a glass of tomato juice, but none of those contains the drug I was craving so I was still in zombi land. I figured my shower would help jar me awake, but it was a nice relaxing shower, not what I needed today. Finally we headed into town and are now sitting at Dunn Bros coffee shop, a 20 ounce Americano in hand. Relief! I'm awake and functioning and am now able to deal with the bad news I just received. Three friends from the college where I used to work were planning to meet me for dinner at Olive Garden, but we've had to postpone our plans because of the illness of a family member of one of the gals. We were all looking foreward to our get together tonight, but it will have to be rescheduled for next week. That's a bummer, and it's a good thing I have caffeine surging through my veins to console me!


FAScinated said...

My name is Kari and my coffee addiction is not my fault because it is obviously my genetic gift from you!

Sage said...

You're welcome!