Tuesday, May 08, 2007


We have been home in Minnesota for two weeks now and as each day goes by I am reminded how much I love Minnesota in the spring. The bright blue sky with the white fluffy cotton ball clouds is a beautiful compliment to the new green grass and the trees bursting into blooms of leaves and flowers. The perfume of those flowers hangs over the park on the heavy humid air, and the bees and butterflies are darting back and forth in the garden God planted for them. The State Park where we are living for now has changed tremendously in the those two weeks. When we first arrived we could see all the camp spots down the road from our spot, but now the brush has filled in, the leaves have popped out, and the RV just next door is barely visible. The birds have picked the neighborhood they wish to live in, and we are fortunate that we have a beautiful pair of cardinals that decided on the area right outside our window. We also have a blue jay and a yellow rumped warbler that hang out with us. Each evening the frogs and toads thrill us with their spirited choral numbers, and so far the pesty bugs haven't made their presence known. Yes, it's good to be in a Minnesota park in the spring.
We have seen all the grandkids in this area except for one and we hope to see her soon. We will see two more this weekend when we head east of the Twin Cities to visit them and we will see the last one around the first of June when we head back out on the road, stopping where he lives in North Dakota before again heading east to Nova Scotia and the Maritime Provinces. We received wonderful news last week. Friends that lived across the street from us at Grand Forks Air Force Base, twenty five years ago, are going to meet up with us along the way and will travel to Nova Scotia with us. It will probably take us most of the summer to catch up on each others lives.

Last week we went to the college where we both worked until last June 1, and we saw many of our old friends. They have graduation this Friday, so next week I hope my dear coffee buddies can break away from their work for a long lunch at our favorite spot. Then we need to visit hubby's brothers in the area too. So many people to see, and such a limited time to do it in. But I am so glad we are here at this time of the year because I love Minnesota in the spring.

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